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6 Things a First-Time Art Buyer Should Know


So, you’ve recently started getting into art and are thinking about buying your first artwork to reflect your growing interest in the field. But the art world is a huge place, and many first-time art buyers have a hard time knowing where to begin.

Several factors will come into play when you’re making a decision, and each one can bring up questions you’ve never once thought of before. For example: should you buy classic or contemporary art prints to add some pop and colour to the walls of your home? And should you buy your first art pieces at an auction, an art gallery, or an online platform like DROOL?

Don’t be overwhelmed by this process, as there are a few things you can do to make it easier on yourself and end up with art you’ll enjoy for a lifetime. Here are six helpful things any first-time art buyer should know when buying their first pieces:

1) Find an Art Style That Speaks to You

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Choosing an artwork to purchase is both a personal and a subjective experience. Take the time to explore exactly what the art world has to offer so that you can figure out which types of art truly speak to your soul.

Art styles can vary widely, and you might not necessarily like what another art buyer likes. It’s okay to prefer more contemporary or pop art-inspired pieces, like typographic posters, over classical realist or baroque-inspired art, or vice versa. What’s important is that you give yourself the chance to check your options and form an opinion about what you like, and why.

Do you click more with expressive abstract paintings, or does the detailed craftsmanship of traditional art speak to you better? What colours or types of strokes catch your eye and will look good with everything else you use to decorate your home? Ask yourself these questions to get a better idea of what you love and also broaden your appreciation of other people’s artistry.

2) Figure Out What You’ll Use the Artwork For

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You’ll also want to clarify the purpose behind your purchase, as it can determine the size, type, and theme of the art you’re looking for. Here are three common motivations for buying art:

Personal Enjoyment

Many art enthusiasts buy pieces simply for their personal enjoyment. To them, art serves as a source of daily inspiration and contributes positively to their living or working environment. If this is your goal, focus on getting art that can enhance the aesthetics and mood of your home or workspace. Again, go with what you like instead of choosing based on what you think is popular or artsy.

As a Gift

Pieces like framed illustration art posters make for unique and thoughtful gifts, and if you plan to gift someone special in your life a piece of art, then consider their tastes and preferences when making a decision. Think about the recipient's personality, interests, and the space where the artwork might be displayed. You can also gift them an artwork that holds sentimental value so that they can treasure it forever.

As an Investment

Some people collect art primarily as an investment because the value of artworks can drastically increase over time. If you feel as if collecting art will be a good way to achieve financial security, then conduct thorough research on the artists and art movements you're interested in before making a purchase. Remember, too, that the art market can be unpredictable and that you’ll always need to have a pulse on what drives value for particular art styles or works done by certain artists.

3) Set a Budget


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Setting a budget before you start buying art will ensure a more positive and stress-free art buying experience. Art comes in various price ranges, from affordable prints to high-end originals, and having a clear budget will help narrow down your options and prevent overspending.

Consider your financial situation and allocate a specific budget for your art collection. This budget should encompass not only the cost of the artwork itself, but also any additional expenses such as delivery to your home and customised framing options, if you so wish. If buying graphic design prints from DROOL online, calculate your shipping costs and customs duties, especially if you’re making an international purchase.

4) Do Your Research on Particular Artists

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Understanding the background and body of work of the artists you're interested in is a fundamental aspect of buying art and making good on each purchase. Your knowledge will both deepen your understanding of the art you're considering and help you develop a more meaningful connection to the creators.

Upon discovering an artist on DROOL who does illustration or photography, for example, you can take the initiative to look them up and see where else their work has been featured. It may also be possible to use social media to connect with artists, gain a more personal understanding of their creative process, and perhaps even get hyped up for their next release.

5) Support Local, Up-and-Coming Artists

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While established artists may have widespread recognition, there’s a different type of fulfilment that comes with patronising the works of local and emerging artists. Supporting local talent will allow you to contribute to the growth of the art community and discover unique voices in the art world. On top of purchasing from a website like DROOL, you may want to consider involving yourself further by attending local art events, exhibitions, or open studios to connect with artists in your community.

6) Purchase From a Trusted Source


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Lastly, whether you're buying from a physical gallery, an online platform, or a retail space, you’ll always want to choose the most trustworthy sources. This ensures the legitimacy and authenticity of the artwork you're interested in—and that your money truly goes to supporting artists.

At DROOL, we give a fair commission back to our artists, ensuring that they are well compensated for their creativity. You can also trust in our legitimacy in terms of the secure payment methods we offer to our customers and our transparent approach when it comes to pricing. You’ll also find hundreds of positive reviews for DROOL, as it’s our mission to make our customers happy.


Given that there are thousands of artworks to choose from, narrowing them down to a few memorable and desirable pieces may initially be a challenge. But these tips should make it easier and even more fun to explore the art world, especially through a platform like DROOL, and find art that 100% vibes with you. 

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