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7 Tips for Decorating Your First Flat on Your Own Terms



Decorating your bedroom at your parents’ house may have been simple enough, but doing over your own flat will be another thing entirely. If you’re like most people, you’ll get your first flat at a time of your life when you still have limited resources and little knowledge about how to furnish a home.

Of course, revamping your flat to make it look more aesthetically appealing isn’t the biggest problem in the world, and the world won’t end if you make a few missteps here and there. Still, an organised and well-decorated flat can make a positive difference in your life, especially when you’ve come home after a difficult day and want to unwind somewhere relaxing. You’ll also want your flat to look good if you have any intentions of entertaining guests there soon. 

Thankfully, with these simple tips from DROOL Art, it won’t be hard to personalise your flat with pieces like contemporary art posters, illustration art posters, and graphic design prints. The following tips will work for both studio flats and multi-room spaces and give you a hand at making your first flat a place you’re proud to call home for the meantime:


1) Start with Wall Decor



Assuming you already have your bed and other basic furniture, the first step you should take towards decorating your flat should be to get some neat wall decorations. Go for unique art prints, paintings, or photos that reflect your personal tastes. These elements can instantly transform an otherwise impersonal space into something that connects with you emotionally, which is what you’d want for your home to be more inviting.


2) Choose the Right-Sized Furniture



Most renters or home owners will have to deal with space constraints in their first flats. Furniture that’s too big can leave you with less space and, more importantly, make the flat look out of proportion. Unless oversized furniture is really your thing, buy compact and multipurpose pieces that both look good and are suited for your living situation.


3) Don’t Accept Every Freebie You Get



When you move into your first flat, friends and family members may start offering you free hand-me-downs to furnish your flat with. While accepting your loved ones’ art and furniture can save you a lot of money, you might end up with a flat that’s cluttered and far less a reflection of your personality.

If you do accept a hand-me-down, remember that you can spruce it up to better match your tastes. New frames for artwork or fresh coats of paint on furniture pieces can make them feel brand new and more distinctly yours.


4) Consider Removable Wallpaper

Many flats prohibit or discourage repainting walls, but removable printed wallpaper is often fine with most landlords. These will be great for accent walls, and it won’t cost much to install them on all your walls, either. 

Despite the name, removable wallpaper can sometimes be challenging to remove, so don’t use it in a flat that you plan to move out of soon.


5) Bring Greenery into Your Space



Plants can add loads of texture and interest to small rooms, so it’s often worth having a few of them even if you have to sacrifice some space. Utilise your vertical space and put a few plants on shelves, or hang them from the ceiling, to give your flat a more organic look. 


6) Use Textiles to Add Layers



Textiles can add lovely layers of interest to a room and give it a more inviting, lived-in kind of look. Throw pillows on your sofa can bring pops of colour and a homier feel, while thick rugs can add texture to a bare floor. 

Likewise, curtains can help you adjust the amount and colour of the natural light coming into your flat, fine-tuning its brightness and overall look. Your curtains can also dampen the uncomfortable sound reverberations made by hard surfaces and give your flat the restful ambience it needs.


7) Create an Accent Wall



Designating one wall for your favourite contemporary art prints and other wall decor can keep your space from looking overly cluttered, which is often a big problem for smaller studio flats. Repaint your chosen wall to make it contrast with the others, then set up a gallery display of your prints and other artwork. If you have a big statement piece, mount it on that wall and arrange your smaller pieces around it.

Your First Home Decor Journey: Staying True to Yourself and Seeing What Works for You



It does take time to figure out what you like and don’t like, and what works for one flat owner may not necessarily work for you. Remember that decorating your first home is as much about self-discovery as it is about self-care, so don’t stress out if it seems like it’s taking a bit too long to get the results you want. 

With time, you’ll find your own unique aesthetic that will follow you wherever you live. Get a great start on pieces that you can keep for both your first flat and your subsequent homes, and shop for prints and posters on DROOL Art!

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