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DROOL HQ's Ones To Watch 2024


2023 has been the best year EVER, but 2024 is going to mad! We've got loads of big things in the works so keep an eye out. Here's a little flavour of what's to come:

1. We've got some biiiig collaborations incoming
2. You'll be seeing lots of awesome new artwork, from even more of the world's best artists
3. We're going to make finding your dream artwork even easier and more fun
4. There may be some big in-person events.... (our lips are sealed right now)

Thanks for 2023 and see you in 2024, from Alex (DROOL Founder)

In the meantime, we wanted to bring you a curated selection of 'Ones To Watch for 2024' from the DROOL HQ team 

Alex - Founder

I'm always excited to see the latest artwork from MENSLIES. The duo's diverse design styles, composition and ability to blend bold graphics with nuanced details shows just how versatile they are as designers. In 2024 I feel they are only going to evolve more, so they're definitely ones to watch in 2024. Zhao Dai Pres Matisa and Zhao Dai X Elevator are my favourites, if you've not seen these works go check them out

Taylor - Content & Community Manager
Jiro Bevis

I'm a fan of bright colour and simple designs so Jiro Bevis' illustrations are the perfect example of bold and often tongue-in-cheek artworks that I love to splash across my walls

Laurie - Marketing Intern 
Burak Boylu

Burak Boylu brings minimalistic visuals that individually tell a dreamlike story. I love the use of sharp primary colours bringing a sense of nostalgia and memory to his photographs. Excited to see how his journey progresses!

Daisy - Creative Producer 

I love how they convey emotions through colour and form to evoke a sense of exploration and creativity, making their work not only visually compelling but also emotionally stirring. Their ability to translate feelings into captivating art will connect with loads of people and leave a lasting impression

Edley - Head Of Operations 
Jérôme Bizien

Jérôme Bizien's pieces hit the sweet spot of urban cool. His work is a shout-out to the creative movers and shakers and was a particular hit with the party people at our Shoreditch pop-up event earlier this month

Kevin - Head Of Growth 
Ed Reika

Ed Reika does a great job mixing graphic text with his ethereal style drawings to create a moody vibe that would work well in any room. If you're planning on elevating your living space in 2024, definitely keep Ed Reika on your radar.


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