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DROOL x Martina Matencio

Martina Matencio's photographs coexist in a universe of melancholy and contained nostalgia, where light and emotions are a constant. Subtle emotions, sad or melancholic, but happy in themselves.  Sign up to this exciting release set for September 7th 2023, as only 25 of each artwork will be available

He has been experimenting with photography since he was 16 and by the age of 20 it has become his way of life. Her bond with photography began when she had to take care of a mentally ill child. By taking pictures of him she discovered that it was the best way to contribute something to the world.

She studied artistic photography at the Serra i Abella school, specialising in the use of natural light and the representation of the female body. For her, feminine beauty exists in all bodies, not because of their physiognomy, but because of the emotion that emanates from them in an invisible way. Her photos reflect the delicacy of the feminine soul with its lights and shadows.

Calm and tranquillity are fundamental in her creative process, allowing her to let herself be carried away by what she feels in the moment.
Clients: Vogue, Emporio Armani, Paco Rabane, Cultura Inquieta, Vinted, CaixaBank, Kavehome, MEsitges, filmin, Netflix, Cervezas Alhambra, Openhouse.

Quick fire interview 

What kind of style is represented in your work?

My style is intimate, natural and close, always based on emotions and feelings


How would you describe this piece in your own words?

Union between love and poison and/or pain


What inspired this piece?

What inspires me are people, spaces, light... I like to be in constant search of beauty


What does this artwork express?

Generally, my works express feelings, I think that's why they transmit because they are real feelings, sometimes even sad, and I have the feeling that this connects with people


How was this artwork made?

My best photos are usually improvised, I always find a moment to shoot and take that unique photo, that's the good thing about photography, you either capture that moment or it's gone, just like life itself



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