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DROOL's 2024 Interior Design Trends

Looking to update your home in the New Year? We get it. A new year brings new perspectives, fresh goals, and a determination to level up your lifestyle. One of the biggest parts of life is where you live. If the vibe doesn't fit then it can feel like there's bad energy. That's why we wanna help represent the real you. Check out our list of 2024 Interior Design Trends to help bring a little bit of magic to your pad


Tip #1


Get ready for a glittering 2024. The whispers in the design world hint at a resurgence of industrial minimalism, and with it, the chic return of metallics. Imagine your space shimmering with stainless steel tablewares, modular sofas in silver, and chrome shelving. These metallic elements are set to add a sophisticated glisten to interiors, making every room feel a little more luxe and a lot more stylish

Tip #2


This year, it's all about saying goodbye to those little colour pops and hello to bold, monochromatic schemes. Designers are taking inspiration from the minimalism of the 90s but cranking it up a notch. Think mahogany walls paired with plaid sofas in matching hues. But that's not all. We're also seeing a shift towards pastel tones, and following that, a leap into more vivid, lively colours. It's all about having fun and playing with colour to create interiors that are not just spaces but expressions of personality. If you’re still looking to delve into the world of colour, check out our colour guide which covers the psychology behind colour and how to pick your perfect shade

Step #3


This year, it's time to think big when it comes to art. We're talking about oversized gallery walls, or stunning large-scale artworks. These bold choices not only fill your space with personality but also create a focal point that's sure to be a conversation starter. So why not make a statement with one large, impactful piece? 

Step #4


The nineties and early noughties are making a comeback but with a refined touch. Think Demi Moore's iconic loft in "Ghost" or the cool, masculine vibe of Adam Sandleir's pad in "Big Daddy". The style is all about bringing back those pre-2010 vibes with a modern flair. Replace those scallops and curves with industrial-chic pieces like USM Modular shelving and classic dome lights. It's about blending nostalgia with contemporary style to create a look that's both familiar and fresh

Step #5


Brown is stepping up as the statement colour of the year. It’s bringing a rich, earthy depth to interiors, from walls to soft furnishings. This versatile hue is perfect for creating a cosy, sophisticated vibe that feels both modern and timeless

Step #6


Beyond any trend, authenticity remains the core of interior design. In 2024, it's about embracing what's unique and personal. Vintage finds, artisanal craftsmanship, and personalised decor aren't just design elements; they're stories and memories brought into your space. This trend celebrates the individuality of each home, making them true reflections of the people who live in them

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