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How Art Prints Can Update the Look and Feel of Your Home


Being able to transform your modern home into a haven of style and personality is an art in itself, and for those who are willing to check them out, art prints can do a lot of surprisingly cool things to redefine your living spaces.


There are myriad ways in which contemporary art prints can elevate the look and feel of your home as well as reflect your individuality and taste. Treat your walls like blank canvases by using art prints to breathe new life into the very essence of your home. Here are some tips from DROOL to do just that:


1) Find Prints That Mesh with Your Personal Style


Room With Art Prints and Plant 

Before buying anything, consider the themes, colours, and subjects that resonate with you when it comes to art, and think about how you can best incorporate them into your home’s most important rooms, like your bedroom and your dining room.


When selecting unique art prints, pay attention to the emotions they evoke in you and how well they align with your taste. In particular, look for pieces like modern or contemporary art posters that are authentic to your personality and that can contribute to the overall ambience you want to achieve in each room.


Try mixing and matching prints that tell a cohesive story or evoke a shared theme, for example your favourite colour palette or media and pop culture that have inspired you over the years. In addition, don't be afraid to experiment with different framing options to enhance the visual appeal of your chosen prints.


2) Coordinate the Colours of the Art Prints



Art prints provide an excellent means of introducing or complementing existing colour schemes in your modern home. To effectively coordinate colours, start by identifying the most dominant colour palettes in your living spaces, for example in your furniture, on your walls, and in your decor elements.


Next, choose cool art prints that align with these colours or introduce new shades that provide a pleasing contrast to the overall scheme. For a subtle touch, select prints with muted tones that enhance your existing palette. For a bold statement, on the other hand, opt for prints with vibrant and contrasting colours. Choose your contrasting colours well, and you can actually achieve a visually cohesive environment that will be pleasing for both you and your guests to look at.


Remember that the size of the prints also matters. Opt for larger pieces to serve as bold focal points, and choose smaller ones if you simply want to add accents of colour. Experiment with different arrangements and layouts to find the perfect balance of colour within your home.


3) Create Focal Points with Art 

Sofa with Wall Art Print in Background


You should also be purposeful about using your most striking art prints as focal points within your home. Again, large, eye-catching prints can draw attention and serve as good conversation starters. If you’d like to buy a print to use as a focal point for a room, carefully consider the art’s theme or subject matter in relation to the room's purpose. In living spaces, for instance, vibrant and dynamic prints can create a lively atmosphere and serve as appropriate conversation pieces for curious viewers or fellow art enthusiasts. Art prints of serene landscapes and similar pieces, on the other hand, may be more suitable for bedrooms or bathrooms.


Be sure to experiment with different sizes and placements to find the optimal arrangement for your chosen focal point. In addition, ensure that the chosen prints align with the overall design aesthetic of the room so that they can contribute to a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere. Make use of lighting effects as well to enhance the look of art prints that you’ve decided will serve as the focal points of the room.


4) Use Art Prints to Add Texture and Dimension


Couch With Art Prints in the Background


Elevate the visual interest of your modern home by putting up art prints that add texture and dimension to plain solid-coloured walls. You can do this by using prints with textured surfaces or those that create a layered effect. Consider prints with brush strokes, embossing, or even three-dimensional elements. These prints can introduce depth to your space, which can be quite a contrast from flat and monotonous walls.


When choosing textured art prints, think about the tactile experience they offer and how they can contribute to the overall sensory appeal of the room. To enhance the effect, experiment with lighting that casts shadows on the textured surfaces and create a dynamic play of light and shadow. It’s also a good idea to mix textured prints with smoother ones for balance and to achieve an effect of visual contrast and surprise to viewers.


5) Set a Mood


Collection of Wall Art Prints


You can also harness the power of art prints to set a desired mood in different areas of your home. Align your choice of print with the purpose of each space, be it a relaxing bedroom, a cheery living room, or a workspace that demands quietude and focus from the occupant.


Then, choose art prints that align with the intended mood. For serene and calming environments, landscapes, abstract art, or soft pastels can be ideal options. In energetic spaces, bold and vibrant prints may be more suitable.


Also pay attention to the emotional impact of the chosen prints. Doing so ensures that your selection contributes positively to the overall ambience of your home.


6) Customise Your Spaces Further


 Living Room With round Seat


You can also tailor different areas of your home to specific themes or genres by using art prints, too. This approach allows you to create distinct atmospheres within each room and make someone’s stay there even more memorable.


Your kitchen might benefit from food-themed prints, while your home office could feature elements that you think are inspirational enough to stoke your creativity. Furnish your bedroom with art prints that you find calming or pieces that evoke positive feelings like nostalgia. 


The walls surrounding you present you with the opportunity to narrate an interesting story about yourself, your interests, and the company you’d love to keep. Remember this, and use these tips to choose art prints that complement your home’s current aesthetics while also welcoming conversation and connection within your living spaces.

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