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How to Make Your Apartment Feel Homey and Welcoming Through Art

If you currently live in an apartment, you probably know how challenging it can be to create a space that feels genuinely homey. Big modifications can cost money, and they also depend on the association’s approval. All the same, maybe the starkness of the white walls and the generic layout of a rental unit has you wondering about how to make the space feel like it’s genuinely yours and a true pleasure to come home to. 


One of the easiest, most cost-efficient, and creative ways to change up the generic atmosphere in your apartment is to use art. Typography art prints, graphic design prints, or illustration art posters can all do a lot to customise the space so that it truly expresses your individuality and the type of vibe you want to achieve in your home.


Online platforms like DROOL Art have also made contemporary art more accessible than ever, and we’ll be glad to recommend contemporary art posters and other pieces that will inject your living space with more vibrancy and personality. In addition, here are some expert tips from us on how to use your favourite art pieces to make a formerly impersonal apartment space more intimate and inviting: 


1) Choose Pieces That Reflect Your Personality




The art pieces you gravitate towards naturally say a lot about your personality and preferences. That's why, when it comes to personalising your apartment, the first step is to select pieces that mirror your inner world. 


Perhaps you're drawn to serene landscapes that echo your love for nature, abstract pieces that match your most complex thoughts, or anything else in between. Whatever it is you like, don’t hesitate to go for it and to make it a big feature in your apartment space.


2) Choose Artworks That Can Serve as Focal Points in Your Rooms




Using certain artworks as focal points in your apartment can dramatically alter the look of each individual space, without requiring you to put in a ton of effort. Try making a particularly eye-catching piece of art the centre point of your living room or bedroom, for example, to draw the eye and make the rest of your décor appear thoughtful and intentional. 


Mount an oversized art print that commands attention the moment anyone enters the room, or put together a gallery wall that showcases a small collection of your favourite art prints and photographs of a particular subject. You can’t go wrong if you choose a piece or arrangement that vibes with you and sets your apartment space apart from everyone else’s. 


You can also use these focal points to introduce a unique narrative or theme into your apartment’s decorating scheme. For example, you might want to retell the stories of your travels, pay homage to your favourite artistic movement or era, or visually represent your dreams to become an artist or filmmaker someday. Either way, art can further personalise your spaces and make you feel inspired and at ease when you’re at home. 


3) Consider a Colour Scheme for the Art




The colours you surround yourself with in your apartment could have a significant impact on your mood and perceptions. This makes your overall colour scheme an important element to consider when you’re choosing art to decorate your apartment with. 


For a cohesive and relaxing environment, try decorating with artwork that harmonises with your apartment's existing palette. For a more striking visual impact, on the other hand, find your apartment walls’ colour opposites on the colour wheel (for example, purple for a light yellowish beige wall or a hue of orange for a bluish-grey wall) and furnish the space with art that features that contrasting colour. 


4) Decorate beyond the Walls




While wall art is one of the best-known examples of decorative art for apartments, remember that there are other ways to personalise your space beyond the confines of your walls. Try incorporating artful elements into other aspects of your decor to add even more texture, colour, and form to specific rooms. 


Consider, for example, items that can serve as both decorative pieces and functional objects, like a uniquely designed lamp or a hand-crafted vase. These items will contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your home while also serving practical purposes.


Textiles, too, open up opportunities for artistic expression. A fluffy rug or a set of throw pillows with eye-catching designs can change up the feel of a room and introduce more warmth, comfort, and visual interest at the same time. 


Think of your apartment as a three-dimensional canvas rather than a set of walls. That way, you’ll open up endless possibilities for you to exercise your creativity and bring your personal style to every corner of your home.


5) Rotate Your Collection




One of the joys of art is that it can evolve with you and reflect your changing tastes and inspirations. Don’t hesitate to think about which art pieces you’ll display from time to time to keep your living environment dynamic and fresh. 


This practice will allow you to rediscover items you may have stored away or showcase new purchases that better reflect your current interests. A seasonal change, for example, may be the perfect opportunity to bring out brighter, more vibrant pieces for the warmer months. In contrast, you can feature cosier and more thought-provoking works in the colder seasons.


We at DROOL are committed to making the world of art more accessible to a wide variety of customers. On our website, you’ll find plenty of eye-catching options you can use to express yourself and make yourself feel more at home within your space. Shop on DROOL now and find fast favourites for your apartment!

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