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Upgrade your living room art

Wall art plays a huge role in setting the ambience of a room. So, with your living room likely being the largest room in the house, paint and wallpaper is just the start of the decorative opportunities. The walls offer endless possibilities for you to add colourful or statement-framed prints that reflect your personality and express who you are 

After your sofa, wall art is one of the most crucial parts of your sitting room’s interior design. So it's worth spending some time getting it right

  1. Start by accessing your surroundings, and identify which walls you want to work with. Get creative as well, don't just think about adding one print to an area

  2. Assembling a gallery wall, either above your sofa, from floor to ceiling or in a corner, is a super easy and effective interior design feature that can instantly transform a room. They're versatile, too, so you can easily mix lots of different styles, mediums, orientations and sizes to add personality

  3. If displaying a gallery wall is too much, add larger artworks side by side to create a focal point

  4. Go bold! Create an accent wall by adding a bright paint colour to one wall and use this as your backdrop to then add framed artworks. Either match the paint colour with the main colour featured in your artwork for a cohesive look, or pick a complementary colour of the artwork for real impact, particularly in a small space

  5. Ensure you get your sizing right before buying. Measure the artwork dimensions and use paper and tape to create life-size stencils of the artworks. Then play around with sticking them on your walls to see how they'll work in the space. If you're opting for a frame, remember to allow for this when measuring up

  6. Why not switch things up now and again, you can swap pieces around the house or expand a gallery wall as your art collection grows

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