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You go in hard. Your life rules include being bold, expressive, and living without shame

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The BRAZEN Lifestyle

You are an extraordinary individual who blazes your own path, unapologetically embracing your unique style and pushing boundaries. With a bold personality and a love for the bold and moody, you epitomise BRAZEN

BRAZEN Interiors

Dark eclectic design is a maximalist style that combines a variety of elements while maintaining a dark and moody color palette. It embraces a mix of styles, patterns, and textures, incorporating layers of contrasting colors and bold prints. The dark eclectic is perfect for the BRAZEN who prefer the tense and moody, whilst being expressive and creative with colour

You inspire others to embrace their individuality and fearlessly carve their own path in the world. Look at you go!

interior collage
collage of photo's showing graphic designer utsav verma's work

Featured artist

Utsav Verma is an independent graphic designer whose recent work focuses on the significance of visual communication beyond its commercial scope. His explorations are aimed at visualising these concepts by finding a middle ground between aesthetics and design functionality. Utsav's work has something for everyone that is BRAZEN

Your BRAZEN Quote

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."
Thomas Merton

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