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You’re a classy type with an appreciation for the finer things in life

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The LUXE Lifestyle

With a taste for exquisite experiences, those who are LUXE exude an aura of sophistication. Whether jetting off to exclusive travel destinations or indulging in French haute cuisine, a LUXE presence is all about living the high life

LUXE Interiors

LUXE interiors have walls for decorating, and align with the Modern Farmhouse style. Its main aim is to feel relaxed, but with a cool, ‘I’ve-got-style’ twist. You might imagine mason jars and frills from the name, but the modern touch is a natural, sophisticated and warm take on the farmhouse style. Mix it up with vintage touches, oversized lighting, textured walls and lots of wood and metal

LUXE individuals are often reflective, but embrace the decadence

luxe interior collage
collage of photo's showing digital artist Antoine-Paikert

Featured artist

Antoine Paikert is a French, Helsinki-based, self-taught multidisciplinary creative. Antoine finds inspiration in the seemingly insignificant human emotions. Embracing the expressive with the reflective, Antoine's work has something for everyone that is LUXE

Your LUXE Quote

"Art is important. We tend to think it is a luxury, but it gives people deep pleasure because beauty is the personification of hope that something grander is at work."
Gil Dellinger

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